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Facial Recognition CCTV Cameras

State-of-the-art surveillance technology

  • 24/7 monitoring available
  • Bespoke systems designed, installed and maintained
  • We aim to beat any quote
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Facial Recognition CCTV Cameras

Facial recognition CCTV cameras can take images of faces they film and compare them against a predefined database of images to determine if there is a match. 

That means they can be used to quickly identify individuals even in crowded areas like shopping centres, airports, railway stations and city streets. Even when a face is partially covered – by a cap or glasses, for example – they can still usually match it up with a stored image.

Facial recognition surveillance cameras can also automatically locate a face that appears more than once in the whole footage. So, for example, if your CCTV camera picks up a suspicious character, you can immediately find further appearances of that person, eliminating the need to spend hours sitting through the whole recording.

We can provide and install the very latest in commercial CCTV cameras, including facial recognition CCTV cameras, to help ensure your business is protected to the highest possible level.

Get in touch with the team at Scutum South East now to find out more. We work with businesses located in London, Surrey and the rest of the South East.

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Scutum South East operate throughout London and the Home Counties, designing and installing fire protection and security systems at a wide range of business premises. Here are some of the sectors we cover:

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Fire Risk Assessments

Scutum South East are fully trained in PAS79 (Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology), ensuring your business is kept up to date with all regulations.

Fire Risk Assessments
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Security Site Survey

We provide a full security site survey and offer free expert advice and quotes.

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Facial Recognition CCTV Cameras FAQs

Where can Scutum South East install facial recognition CCTV cameras?

If your business is located in London, Surrey or elsewhere in South East England, we can install facial recognition CCTV cameras at your premises. Our Branches page has more information on where we work, or just get in touch with us today and we’ll help in any way that we can.

How do facial recognition CCTV cameras work?

Facial recognition CCTV cameras are one of the smartest CCTV security camera solutions available today. They can compare faces picked up on camera and compare them against a database to identify individuals or recognise when one person appears multiple times, eliminating the need for going through hours of footage when searching for a particular individual.

Are you able to advise on what facial recognition CCTV cameras I need?

As one of the leading security companies operating in the area, our team of experienced professionals can work closely with you to identify the facial recognition CCTV cameras that would be most suitable for your security needs.

Are you able to offer service and maintenance for facial recognition CCTV cameras?

We are able to offer servicing and maintenance on all our security systems, including facial recognition CCTV cameras.

Are you able to offer monitoring for facial recognition CCTV cameras?

Our alarm receiving centre provides effective 24-hour support for your facial recognition CCTV cameras, ensuring we’ve got your back whenever action needs to be taken to help protect your business.

Why should I choose Scutum South East for facial recognition CCTV cameras?

With experience and expertise in all aspects of security and surveillance solutions, Scutum South East is able to provide an all-encompassing package of solutions that includes design of and support for your facial recognition CCTV cameras. As well as bringing years of experience, we also bring exceptional value by aiming to beat any other quote you get for your CCTV cameras.

Are facial recognition cameras used in the UK?

Facial recognition cameras are commonly used by law enforcement bodies, especially those working in counter terrorism, as they can enable officers to identify individual faces in crowded areas and compare them to a database of known criminals. However, the benefits of this technology is also now being made available to commercial businesses.

How is facial recognition used in business?

While facial recognition cameras can be used to identify known shoplifters and other criminals, they can also be used to track employees. It is likely to become an even more common feature as thousands of UK businesses soon need to comply with Protect Duty legislation (also known as Martyn’s Law), as this will be a key feature within software solutions available from Scutum South East.

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