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ANPR Vehicle Recognition Cameras

The modern means of monitoring traffic

  • 24/7 monitoring available
  • Bespoke systems designed, installed and maintained
  • We aim to beat any quote
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ANPR Vehicle Recognition Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are an increasingly common and popular way of monitoring traffic in and out of business and commercial premises, as well as their use in wider policing. 

ANPR camera systems can read and store a vehicle’s number plates and check them against a database to ensure they belong to a registered or expected vehicle. That means you’re completely in control of who’s entering and leaving your premises, as well as providing vital evidence should there be an incident that requires further investigation.

At Scutum South East, we can provide and install top-quality ANPR cameras and vehicle recognition camera systems that will take your business or commercial security to the next level. Our professional and expert team can install your chosen ANPR CCTV system in such a way that will cause minimum disruption but maximum effectiveness.

Call Scutum South East now to discover more about our ANPR camera systems and to arrange a free site visit and competitive quotation. We work with businesses located in and around London, Surrey and the rest of the South East.

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Scutum South East operate throughout London and the Home Counties, designing and installing fire protection and security systems at a wide range of business premises. Here are some of the sectors we cover:

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Fire Risk Assessments

Scutum South East are fully trained in PAS79 (Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology), ensuring your business is kept up to date with all regulations.

Fire Risk Assessments
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We provide a full security site survey and offer free expert advice and quotes.

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ANPR Vehicle Recognition Cameras FAQs

Where can Scutum South East install ANPR vehicle recognition cameras?

Scutum South East supplies and installs ANPR vehicle recognition cameras for companies and organisations based in South East England, including London and Surrey. You can find full details of which areas we cover by clicking here, or call our team for further advice and information.

How do ANPR vehicle recognition cameras work?

ANPR vehicle recognition cameras work by ‘reading’ the number plates of vehicles and seeing if the number corresponds with authorised and registered numbers stored on a database. This allows effective vehicle access control without the need for constant staffing.

Are you able to advise on what ANPR vehicle recognition cameras I need?

If you believe that your business has a need for ANPR vehicle recognition cameras, one of our experienced technicians can make a free visit to your premises to discuss your requirements. They can then make a commitment-free recommendation together with a cost-effective quote for the supply and installation of your chosen system.

Are you able to offer service and maintenance for ANPR vehicle recognition cameras?

It is essential that all CCTV security cameras get regular servicing and maintenance to ensure their continued effectiveness. At Scutum South East, our expert technicians are experienced in maintaining a wide range of ANPR vehicle recognition camera systems and can offer a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Are you able to offer monitoring for ANPR vehicle recognition cameras?

All our CCTV security camera systems can be supported by our monitoring service. Our alarm receiving centre (ARC) is staffed by a team of fully-trained and committed operatives who can monitor your ANPR vehicle recognition cameras to ensure your premises are protected all hours of the day.

Why should I choose Scutum South East for ANPR vehicle recognition cameras?

Scutum South East is vastly experienced in all forms of business security solutions, including ANPR vehicle recognition cameras. Our fully-trained and experienced team of professionals can provide a complete service from supply and installation to servicing and maintenance, so that you have the confidence that comes with knowing you have a trusted local company supporting your security needs. What’s more, we always aim to beat any other quote, so that you can also count on getting best value for our services.

What triggers an ANPR camera?

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras are called into action when a vehicle enters the field of view. Some police ANPR cameras can be triggered when someone is driving erratically or even using a mobile phone, but for most commercial purposes, they just need to know when a vehicle is approaching and be able to read its licence plate.

What shows up on an ANPR camera?

An ANPR camera is specifically designed to read and record a vehicle’s licence plate. This enables it to identify whether the vehicle is on an approved list and therefore allowed access, or whether further investigation is required before any barriers are removed.

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