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Fever Detection Technology

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Fever Detection Technology

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has called for businesses and public spaces to consider how to safeguard their employees and visitors. A fever detection system is a quick, reliable way to measure an individual’s temperature before they gain access to a building – serving as a form of access control for health and security purposes. 

Here at Scutum South East, we’re part of the multinational Scutum South East who are offering innovative fever detection technology which uses thermal sensors and facial recognition cameras to measure an individual’s temperature in an instant. 

While this isn’t a diagnosis of COVID-19, it’s an effective precaution for picking up on abnormal body temperature of staff and visitors. The engineers at Scutum South East can now offer this state-of-the-art equipment to businesses throughout London, Surrey and the rest of the South East.

How fever detection technology works

The technology consists of a plug-in Face Recognition Access Control Terminal which combines facial recognition with non-contact temperature detection capability. The unit is complete with mounted screen, high-res camera, wrist temperature detection monitor, non-cold vanadium oxide temperature sensor and facial detection software.  

Individuals stand up to 2 metres away, facing the camera which instantaneously reads their temperature. If the assessed individual is measured as being at abnormal temperature, they will be alerted through visual and vocal messaging via the display screen. The temperature data can then be saved online and offline for company reference.

In some cases, the gates can be connected to the technology, opening and closing dependent on the outcome.

Benefits of workplace fever detection

  • Protects wellbeing of staff and visitors
  • Contactless temperature monitor and automated process 
  • Long-term investment, as the technology is also capable of facial recognition, along with card, password and QR code authentication, which are useful security capabilities 
  • Optional mask recognition software to check if the individual is wearing a face mask
  • Simply plug in and it’s ready to use
  • In some cases, the terminal can be hooked up to a gate which can open and close based on the result

Why Us?

Scutum South East are one of the country’s leading fire safety and security companies, helping businesses keep their staff safe and well since 1999. We’re also part of Scutum UK, who have obtained this state-of-the-art fever detection equipment. Scutum is a respected multinational risk prevention company who specialise in creating safety and security solutions for many types of application. 

Get in touch to discover more about this fever detection technology and how it can benefit your business.

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Scutum South East operate throughout London and the Home Counties, designing and installing fire protection and security systems at a wide range of business premises. Here are some of the sectors we cover:

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Scutum South East are fully trained in PAS79 (Publicly Available Specification for Fire Risk Assessment and its Methodology), ensuring your business is kept up to date with all regulations.

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Fever Detection Technology FAQs

Do you offer free quotes and consultations for fever detection technology?

Yes, we do. Free quotes and consultations are available for all our security and surveillance systems, including fever detection technology. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange for one of our team to visit your site and discuss your needs in detail.

How do I know which access control type is right for me?

When we visit your site, we’ll spend time assessing your security needs and talking with you in detail to find out what it is you want from your access control system. As a result, we’ll be able to make an informed recommendation that takes into account your security requirements, your individual preferences and your budget.

In what areas are you able to install fever detection technology?

Our access control systems, including fever detection technology, are available to businesses and organisations situated in and around London and Surrey, as well as across the wider South East area. Find out more by viewing our Branches page or by giving us a call.

Do you also provide maintenance and servicing of existing fever detection technology?

We do. Although fever detection technology is still quite a new addition to the range of access control solutions, it has proved an increasingly popular choice as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If you have an existing fever detection system in place that you would like us to service, we would be more than happy to help. Just give us a call to find out more.

Do you supply fever detection technology to all sectors?

We can tailor all our access control systems, including fever detection technology, to meet the needs of businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors. Find out more by viewing our Sectors page, or give us a call and we’ll explain how we can devise a fever detection solution that best meets the needs of your particular business.

How does fever detection technology work?

Fever detection technology works by allowing you to take the temperature of anyone trying to access your site or a restricted area. While it cannot diagnose a particular illness, it can give the user the ability to detect an abnormal temperature that could well indicate a transmittable virus.

Can fever detection technology be integrated with other systems?

Yes, we can install as many or as few of our access control systems as you want to ensure that your premises have the best possible protection and that you have the control you want over who is entering key parts of your building. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail so why not give us a call to find out more?

What can thermal imaging detect?

Thermal imaging technology can identify changes in ambient temperature, meaning that it can detect the increased heat that occurs when someone passes in front of the sensor. By inputting settings as to the expected temperature, our fever detection technology can identify when that temperature is above normal levels and indicative of fever.

How does fever detection technology know the difference between a fever and someone who is just warm?

The system distinguishes between the elevated temperatures our bodies reach when we are ill against those our bodies experience after doing exercise on a hot day. However, to make sure readings are as accurate as possible, it is best to make sure external conditions are not affecting results and that those being tested are not wearing excess clothing (such as a hat and scarf) that could raise their external body temperature.

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