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How Much Does an Intruder Alarm Cost to Install?

How Much Does an Intruder Alarm Cost to Install?

An intruder alarm is a reliable and effective means of identifying when unauthorised persons enter a premises and then scaring them off before they can do any damage.

If you’re thinking about having an intruder alarm installed at your commercial premises, you’ll naturally be wondering what the likely cost will be and whether it will be worth it to you.

In this article, we’ll examine this question, discover what factors affect the cost of installing a good intruder alarm system and explain how Scutum South East can help.

How Much Does an Intruder Alarm Cost to Install?

How much does an intruder alarm cost to install?

Unfortunately, even producing a ballpark figure for installing an intruder alarm system within the scope of this article is impossible, as there are so many variables involved. Here at Scutum South East, we specialise in providing intruder alarms that have been individually designed to meet the specific needs of the premises we’re helping to protect without being unaffordable.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors and choices involved that are going to affect the ultimate cost of your system.

What factors affect the cost of installing an intruder alarm?

Size of premises

One of the key factors affecting the final cost of installing your intruder alarm system is going to be how big your premises are. It makes sense that protecting a large site with multiple buildings and access points is going to need more equipment, greater coverage and more time for installation than a single storey building with one door and a couple of windows.

When we assess your premises prior to designing your bespoke intruder alarm system, we’ll identify all the vulnerable points that skilled criminals could use to enable access and ensure you have comprehensive coverage to provide complete protection.

Type of system

We are also able to provide different types of intruder systems that protect different areas and access points on your premises, and the cost of installation will vary depending on which you choose.

Options include, but are not limited to:

Motion detectors – these are located in individual rooms or areas within a building and use changes in ambient radiation to detect the presence of someone within the coverage area.

Glass-break sensors – breaking a window is a common means of gaining access, especially with opportunistic thieves, and this is a simple yet effective means of detecting when it happens.

Perimeter sensors – if it’s not just buildings that need protection, these alarms provide effective security that starts at the very edge of your premises.

You can read more about the different types of intruder alarms available from Scutum South East in this earlier article.

Hardwired or wireless

One of the big choices you’ll need to make is whether to go for a wireless or a hardwired system. A wireless solution will usually be cheaper because it’s much quicker and easier to install than a hardwired one, but in the end the decision is likely to come down to your personal preferences. When we visit your site to assess your needs and discuss what you want from your intruder alarm system, we’ll help you to identify which solution is likely to be best for you, your premises and your budget.

In the meantime, you can read more about the relative advantages and disadvantages of hardwired and wireless intruder alarm systems in this previous blog.


Once your system has been installed, you may be satisfied with the effect a triggered alarm is likely to have on any intruder it detects. However, if you want even greater security, you could opt to have your system monitored so that whatever time of day or night anything happens, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that someone based at your alarm receiving centre (ARC) will be able to deal with it and ensure that your local police will respond.

Discover more about the many advantages of a monitored intruder alarm system by reading this previous article.

How to get an effective and affordable intruder alarm system

When you enquire at Scutum South East about having an intruder alarm system installed at your commercial premises, we can send a security expert for a free visit to assess and discuss your needs. We’ll then make a free, no-obligation quotation based on that visit – and because we always aim to beat any other quote, you can be sure that you’re not only getting a bespoke solution that works best for you, but that you won’t be paying over the odds for it either.

If you want to know more, or you’d like to start the process by asking for a free site visit, then simply get in touch with us now.

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