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HMO Fire Alarm Systems

HMO Fire Alarm Systems

If you own or operate an HMO – a House in Multiple Occupation – then you are bound by law to meet specific requirements to ensure the safety of your property and those within it. One of the most important and effective types of fire safety equipment is the fire alarm, and Scutum South East are trusted, certified installers of HMO fire alarm systems for customers around the country.

What is an HMO?

HMO with fire alarms

An HMO is defined as a house with three people living in it, making up more than one household – a household is defined as ‘a single person or people in the same family who live together. A large HMO is a property containing five tenants making up more than one household. Your property is also an HMO if tenants share toilet, kitchen and bathroom facilities.

HMO Fire Alarm Systems

testing a fire alalrm

The mandatory licensing for HMOs makes it a legal requirement for landlords to have appropriate fire alarm systems installed in their HMOs. Depending on the size of the HMO in question, the requirements differ. One and two-storey HMOs are required to have smoke and CO alarms installed in high risk areas like the kitchen, whereas three-storey HMOs need a fire alarm system with a central panel installed as well as the smoke and CO alarms.

Scutum South East can install several types of fire alarm systems in HMOs around London and the Home Counties:

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

bt redcare

For the most rapid of responses in a fire emergency, monitored fire alarm systems are unmatched. These systems are monitored by an alarm receiving centre; when the alarm is triggered, the centre is notified and the emergency services can be alerted immediately – it’s particularly useful should a fire break out when nobody is in the property.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Designed for multi roomed or larger properties, addressable fire alarm systems can support a large, virtually unlimited number of detectors and other devices, all interconnected via a loop system. The system is able to display the exact location of the alarm that has been triggered, as well as the zone, using text on the control panel. These systems can also be activated manually.

Wireless Fire Alarms

wireless fire alarm

Wireless fire alarms are ideal for landlords who want to avoid unsightly wires in their properties. The performance of these alarms is the same as their wired counterparts, but with easier installation and the obvious lack of wires. The system works via radio frequency, allowing for each alarm to ‘communicate’ with each other and the central panel.

Conventional Fire Alarms

If an HMO is smaller it may be possible to provide adequate protection using a conventionally wired system. This has the advantage of being lower maintenance than a wireless or addressable equivalent, but is not as suitable for properties with many accommodation units. They use lights to communicate the zone where the fire has been detected but can still require a further search to ascertain the precise location.

It’s crucial that landlords follow their legal obligations in relation to fire alarm systems and fire safety. Failure to do so puts lives at risk and can see offenders fined thousands of pounds and even jailed in the most severe of cases. To ensure that you’re meeting your HMO fire safety obligations, contact Scutum South East today for the installation, maintenance and repair of fire alarm systems and fire safety equipment.

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