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Common Workplace Security Threats to Offices

Common Workplace Security Threats to Offices

More than ever, office and workplace security is an issue that requires serious attention to counter the numerous threats now present.

Since COVID-19, we have seen significant changes in the way a lot of offices operate. The adoption of hybrid working by many companies means some staff are only coming into the office one or two times a week. That means that easy familiarity with regular colleagues is no longer there for many workers, making it easier for clever thieves to take advantage of poor security measures.

At Scutum South East, we’re experts at providing practical solutions to everyday security problems so that you can stay one step ahead of those who would do your business harm. Here are some common office security issues together with our solutions to each.

common workplace security illustration

Unauthorised visitors

Access control to protect your valuable items and data

Theft of equipment or documents

CCTV has been shown to deter opportunistic thieves


Keep a closer eye on who's using your access points


Protect your external walls & vehicles from random attacks

Unauthorised vehicles

ANPR cameras for total control over your car park areas

After hours break-ins

Practical solutions for 24/7 security

Unauthorised visitors

graphic of hand using an access control number keypad

Whether you’re dealing with valuable items or important data, or don’t want just anyone wandering around, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to your building and/or key parts of your premises is a starting point for many businesses when it comes to managing their security.

Solution: Our range of access control systems, including keypad access and keyfob entry, makes sure that only the people you want to can get in and around.

Theft of equipment or documents

graphic of man stealing a computer caught on CCTV

From opportunistic chancers to organised gangs and even rogue employees, stopping criminals from making off with your equipment and documents now requires more sophisticated solutions than just a lock and key. No matter how much you encourage your team to follow certain security measures and procedures, it’s hard to deal with every threat, so using modern technology to back them up can reap dividends.

Solution: Just the presence of CCTV cameras has been shown to be an effective deterrent to opportunistic thieves – both internal and external – while CCTV monitoring means that suspicious activity will be picked up on and reported even while you’re closed.


graphic of a lady using a swipe card access system

In large offices using hybrid working, everyone there may not necessarily know all their colleagues anymore. If you’re using some access systems and you’re in a hurry, it’s natural to let someone follow you through without stopping to check whether they’re authorised or not, especially if they pull it off with confidence. Meanwhile, many modern doors close slowly and softly, also giving a fast-thinking and fast-moving criminal the opportunity to get through what should be a protected access point.

Solution: Video door entry systems give you complete control over who is passing through your key entry points, so that only those who are known or who can show valid ID can gain access.


graphic of a person graffitiing the outside of a building being caught on CCTV

Threats to your business come from all angles and all types of criminals, and not all of them are sophisticated or intent on stealing your stuff. Whether it’s aimed at your building or your company vehicles, vandalism is as big a problem as ever and can be an expensive and time-consuming thing to put right when it happens.

Solution: As with opportunistic thieves, external CCTV cameras are a simple way of deterring and catching vandals; they’re less likely to be prepared than more organised criminals, so even if they don’t notice your cameras and go ahead, chances are you’ll be able to identify the perpetrators and pass the evidence on to the police.

Unauthorised vehicles

graphic of an unauthorised vehicle in a carpark

There are a number of reasons that you might want to allow only authorised vehicles into your business premises. In urban areas, car parking space can be at a premium, while unknown vans and lorries might be being used by thieves to carry away your property. It makes sense that you include your external areas when deciding how best to improve your business security.

Solution: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can read a vehicle’s number plate and compare it to a database – they will then allow access only to known and authorised vehicles.

After hours break-ins

graphic of burglar entering through an office window after hours

Many businesses feel safe when open for business and with people around to keep an eye on things. Once everyone has gone home for the night, however, it can be another matter. Organised criminals are naturally going to target you at your most vulnerable times, so making sure your security is working for you 24/7 is a must.

Solution: CCTV cameras can protect you a lot of the time, but standard cameras may not be much use after dark in poorly lit areas. Motion detection alarm systems can pick up on intruders when your premises should be empty, while thermal CCTV cameras detect an intruder’s body heat to draw attention to their unwanted presence.

For all your workplace security needs in and around London, Surrey and the South East of England, Scutum South East can provide a comprehensive range of effective access control, intruder alarm and CCTV solutions that can ensure your premises are fully protected at all times.

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