How long do they last?

The amount of time a fire door can withstand a fire is key to how well it will do its job. The longer a door resists, the greater chance their is of everyone in the building being able to escape.

Designed from a number of different materials and varying in density, there are some specific ratings for the integrity of a fire door. The BWF (British Woodworking Federation) provides the certification for these ratings.

  • FD30 – 30 minutes of resistance
  • FD60 – 60 minutes of resistance
  • FD90 – 90 minutes of resistance
  • FD120 – 120 minutes of resistance

Fire doors are tested from both sides to gauge the integrity and stability of the door during a blaze. Doors with an FD60 rating or higher are generally not used for escape routes, they are usually recommended for containing a fire or preventing it from reaching high risk areas which a company may wish to preserve.

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